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Visual Journal

Apr 14, 2019 - Max Mikulecky

For my last post, I’d like to share some images from what I call my Visual Journal. I’ve carried a 35mm point and shoot camera with me┬ásince 2013 and have used it to document moments in my life. I really love the aspect of not being able to delete or erase these images without sacrificing the entire roll. It typically takes me a couple of weeks at a minimum to shoot an entire roll of film on this camera. The time stamp serves as a specific record and I find the chronological gaps in the images to be really interesting. Those gaps make me consider how much is going on in my life at any given time, and how much wasn’t recorded and for what reasons. As time has gone by, the plastic camera has deteriorated. Lint from my back pocket has clouded the auto focus system and therefore more recent moments are softer than my sharper past. Overall, the collection of photos are a synopsis of my history from the last 6 years.