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Walking after midnight

Jun 09, 2021 - Anne Lass

Darkness can be a peaceful element – but it can also be the opposite.

Walking alone on dark and windy nights has been a personal challenge for me. I grew up with artificial lights and people in the streets at night and have never lived in the countryside before, where street lights don’t even exist in most places and the streets are devastated after dark.
With this project I decided to overcome my fear of walking alone at night, embrace the darkness and explore what happens, when the shutter of my camera is the only sound around.
The total silence and investigating the dark sceneries, when waiting during the long exposure times, brings peace to the situation.
The project has furthermore references to the Twin Peaks series from the nineties, which had a great impact on many in my generation – my first and way too early visual encounter with good and evil and a distinctive mood, color and music, which triggered my imagination about life and people in rural areas.