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Dec 11, 2019 - Jason Koxvold

My use of the Italian Resistance is, of course, a proxy for understanding events in the world today. At times it might seem that this is a critique specifically of the United States: their use of torture and their killing of a million Muslims in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan in “the Global War on Terror”, fanning the flames of terrorism and causing a series of migrations out of conflict zones and into countries with more permissive policies on asylum. I am more interested in the idea of using this as a way of understanding subjectivity as it pertains to global power.

My forthcoming project, titled Theatre of War, deals specifically with US aggression as a product of capitalism, but again by oblique means; because the government engages in systematic efforts to obscure the truth about their wars, it is impossible to photograph the acts themselves. Instead, I have spent the last four years photographing the spaces and the mechanisms in which these wars operate, in Afghanistan and the broader Middle East, and also in facilities within the US.

Calle Tredici Martiri grew out of a desire to make an emotionally resonant project from a family archive, but the more I explored Varisco’s text, the more I uncovered meaningful parallels between our present moment and Varisco’s.