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White Plastic Chairs

Dec 07, 2018 - Isolde Woudstra

This is my favorite ‘stumbled upon this on the internet’ photo. It’s been around for quite some years acting as meme-material, but I just think this is a wonderful image in its own regard. In a way it encompasses everything that excites me in photography. It’s a highly generic scene, kind of silly even, but at the same time I find the whole scene  rather ominous and the pairing of the mundane and the foreboding has always had my interest. There are probably billions of white plastic monobloc chairs around the world, and they’re completely free of context – You can’t really tell when or where you are by looking at them. A white plastic chair in a photograph offers you no clues. The image is asking you to make up your own story, and there’s a thousand stories there.


Unfortunately I haven’t managed to trace the photographer so I’m unable to credit this one…