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Yuri Ancarani

Oct 01, 2017 - Alberto Sinigaglia

Born in Ravenna in 1972, video artist and film-maker Yuri Ancarani began is carreer telling the contemporary Italy starting from his region (Fuori Stagione, Lido Adriano) and than turning his gaze to marginal human stories with the trilogy “The Malady of Iron” focused on specialized workers such as a quarry man , a couple of divers and a surgeon working with robotic technology (Il Capo, Piattaforma Luna, Da Vinci). Till the recent “The Challenge”, his first feature film, all his works are short movies. There isn’t a label to define the work of Ancarani and his pieces have been exhibithed both in galleries (the white room) and movie theatres ( the black room).  Formed in the context of video art his work seems to be powered by a constant trespassing of genres. The sequences of frames, often of an ipnotic beauty,  favour the staticity almost like slow ados about the visible, like stand alone images. On the other side sounds recall the videoclip world and it constitutes a fudamental aspect when watching Ancarani production.


Image : screenshot from the official trailer of  “The Challenge” (2016)