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Every week an artist is featured whose single image was published by Der Greif. The Feature shows the image in the original context of the series.

Amanda Boe - What I Hold Dear

Dec 10, 2014

»What I Hold Dear« is a personal narrative based on my native home in South Dakota and the years I lived in California. I made a series of trips back to South Dakota between 2009-2012, seeking out places from my past that resonated with me. At the same time, I found myself drawn to scenery in California that reminded me of the Midwest: open, isolated, and quiet. Moving between landscapes and interior spaces, a journey unfolds through the convergence of two disparate worlds. The process of photographing in both locations allowed me to address the feeling of being distanced yet emotionally connected to a place I once knew so well. What remains within me is an innate longing for the familiar feeling of home.

Artist Blog

The blog of Der Greif is written entirely by the artists who have been invited to doing an Artist-Feature. Every week, we have a different author.

Work in Progress

Dec 17, 2014 - Amanda Boe

href="" rel="attachment wp-att-42376">IMG_3613 For my last post, I leave you with some work in progress… check out my website to see more: Thank you to Simon, Leon, Matthias, and Claudio at Der Greif for featuring my work! It's been a pleasure to contribute to this blog during the past week. xo

Raymond Meeks – Where Objects Fall Away

Dec 16, 2014 - Amanda Boe

I'd like to share this video about the work of Raymond Meeks, which highlights his beautiful photographs and bookmaking process. Ray's exhibition, Where Objects Fall Away, is currently on view at Light Work in Syracuse, New York.

Returning to the Darkroom

Dec 15, 2014 - Amanda Boe

It has been a real privilege to work with the many talented students in the Teen Academy program at the International Center of Photography. As a Teaching Assistant in Blake Ogden's black and white photo class, returning to the darkroom was a breath of fresh air. (Although it smelled like developer, stop bath, and fix, but still…) With my own work, I've adopted the hybrid process of scanning film and making digital prints, which is hard to compare to the magic of making a silver gelatin print by hand. Printing in the darkroom is truly a labor of love. It was inspiring to see the students learn to process film, make prints, and create unique bodies of work during the past ten weeks. In honor of our last class this weekend, I'd like to share a selection of some great work made by our students. They are well on their way with photography, and I wish them all the best.

Trent Davis Bailey

Dec 13, 2014 - Amanda Boe

I met Trent Davis Bailey last year when I was living in San Francisco, and must say that I'm impressed with the new direction his work has taken. His ongoing project, »The North Fork«, is inspired by his childhood memories and by small-scale agricultural communities along the Western Slope of his home state of Colorado. I look forward to seeing this project evolve in 2015. Trent is a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area where he is currently an MFA candidate at the California College of the Arts.

Alia Malley

Dec 12, 2014 - Amanda Boe

I've been following Alia Malley's incredibly beautiful work since meeting her in 2010. We both share a mutual passion for photographing the landscape and exploring our relationship to it, so I've chosen to highlight a couple of Alia's projects that continue to resonate with me: Southland (2009-2011) and Captains of the Dead Sea (2013-2014). Her photographs have a musical quality to them that remind me of ballads, inviting the viewer on a journey to a distant land, but in this case, places close to her own backyard. Alia lives in Los Angeles where she makes most of her photographs, acknowledging that "living and working in the shadow of Hollywood has made me acutely aware of the cinematic use of landscape as »location.« (more…)

John Cage’s Rules for Students and Teachers

Dec 11, 2014 - Amanda Boe

href=""> Words of wisdom given to me by Todd Hido. John Cage's list has been passed around for years, and it is certainly worth re-visiting from time to time.