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Every week an artist is featured whose single image was published by Der Greif. The Feature shows the image in the original context of the series.

Antony Sojka - Tide

Jul 02, 2014

Tide is a photo-essay about people living in a very unique place called Halligen, which consists of ten small islands situated in the German North Sea.
 A Hallig is a very small, flat island with no protective dikes. The salt marsh covers the whole area which is full of small water canals. Population ranges between 2 to 100 inhabitants who have a long family tradition of living there. [more show="Show more..." hide="Hide again..."] The main sources of income are tourism, agriculture and coastal protection. 
Some of the Halligen have their own school, which are Germany’s smallest with only a few pupils and large age gaps between them. After finishing their secondary education children have to visit a school on the mainland. Since Halligen don't have protective dikes, the flat land is often flooded with saltwater. The only parts staying above water are the houses which are built on high, man-made hills called Warften. During a period of storm tides people are completely isolated from the land and sometimes also from each other, depending on whether or not there are other houses on the same Warft. It seems like people are living in utter solitude. In some way, this is true, but further engagement with their day-to-day existence complicates this simplified picture. People do choose to live here, and they do have each other for support and company. Days are filled with labor aimed at cultivating their unique homeland and while taking a walk through the Hallig you always have the chance of meeting someone - either a resident or a tourist visiting. You can see from one end of the Hallig to the other. On the horizon you can see the other ones far away in the sea. The feeling of solitude is present but you know that there are other people out there. The inhabitants enjoy a kind of freedom most of us long for and accept being controlled by the tides and the isolation from the mainland and everything connected with it. This project is not solely motivated by the beauty of the place. What really fascinates me is the possibility of its slow disappearance over time. Of course, rising global water levels are often seen as a major threat to such islands. However, while some do believe that the sea is going to flood this territory completely, others point out that Halligen grow a bit every time they are flooded because of small particles in the water sticking to the ground. In the end, their main problem could be of a demographic nature. People are getting older and there isn't enough work or space for the livelihoods of newer generations. Therefore, most of the young people move to the mainland and stay there, resulting in a decreasing number of inhabitants and a problem that will certainly come, of who is going to maintain the work of the present generation once they are gone. Families with no children at all face the same problem. Also the houses on the Warften are very expensive and some are in need of renovation and this makes it difficult to find suitable buyers, who also would have to be willing to want to live on the Hallig. It's a very difficult issue and no one is able to say what exactly is going to happen in the future.
The only thing sure to come is the next tide. [/more]

Artist Blog

The blog of Der Greif is written entirely by the artists who have been invited to doing an Artist-Feature. Every week, we have a different author.


Jul 09, 2014 - Antony Sojka

mg class="alignnone size-large wp-image-36553" src="" alt="BASTIAN_GEHBAUER_ZIRKEL" width="560" height="700" /> One of the most inspiring series I've seen in the last couple of months is Bastian Gehbauer's work titled Zirkel. This work won the first prize in the Student Section of the Entrepreneur 4.0 Award 2014. It is about how we as humankind address the way we love, reproduce and nourish ourselves but also how we deal with death. I'm not only looking forward to see how this series develop over time but also what his next project is going to be about. Make sure to stay tuned.

Libro di Famiglia

Jul 08, 2014 - Antony Sojka

href="">elena_capra Elena Capra's libro di famiglia is the imaginal narration of 40 years of marriage, is the metaphor of an evolution, of the abrasion of everyday’s life. Day after day small gestures become motifs and objects become symbols, pieces of a life together that is spent apart." I envy Elena a bit for being able to make such a personal work about her parents because I would never be able to do the same with mine. Visit her website for more photos of this beautiful series.

Fungus Amator

Jul 06, 2014 - Antony Sojka

href="" target="_blank">Fungus Amator I love this work of beloved Benny Golm. Fungus Amator is about the fascination of going on a mushroom foray. Some do it for fun and a nice rewarding dinner afterwards others do it to document and categorize the different kinds of mushrooms in the area. I like how playful this series looks. Make sure to have a look at other works from him.

In No Great Hurry

Jul 05, 2014 - Antony Sojka

bsp; Saul Leiter Saul Leiter is a great source of inspiration for me and his photographs, it doesn't matter if black and white or in color, touch me deeply. The wonderful Tomas Leach had a great idea for which I will be forever thankful - he made a movie about Saul Leiter. If you haven't seen it, watch it in the nearest cinema or buy the movie. You will definatelly want to see the movie again and again since it has so much wisdom to offer and Sau Leiters charm will enchant you.