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Koral Carballo - We Were Always Here

Jun 08, 2022

We Were Always Here is a photography-based project that is still in process that questions and investigates about Afro-descent in Mexico. There is a historical discourse on mestizaje that has whitewashed the origin of Mexicans, anchored in the collective memory about our origin in a myth about a mestizo identity between the indigenous and the Spanish, hiding other roots, such as the African.
Not much is mentioned about the role that Africans played during the process of the creation of the nation-state that is now Mexico. The objective of this work is to identify the African roots in our daily lives, the legacy of our ancestors, the challenges of the present, the unraveling of internalized racism and the reconstruction of our history as Afro-Mexicans.
We Were Always Here is divided into the following chapters
Mystery of the disguised
This series is a visual exploration on the construction of an imaginary with the oral history of a town in Veracruz called: Coyolillo, an Afro-Mexican community in the south of Mexico with a history of historical freedom.
Chapter I
Album is a visual strategy of decolonizing the intimate Afro-descendant historicity in Mexico that seeks to preserve the memory and the family archive.
Chapter II
What history owes us.
This chapter is about the places of memory and the route to freedom of the 250 thousand people of African origin who arrived in Mexico.
Chapter III
This chapter is about the resistance of the present and the protagonists of the Afro-Mexican movement.
The blood calls.
The space to tell our story, to talk to each other and to recognize our Afro-descent in our family.