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Artist Feature

Every week an artist is featured whose single image was published by Der Greif. The Feature shows the image in the original context of the series.

Lingfei Ren - From That Day On

Nov 18, 2020

From that day on is an ongoing project. The images metaphorically or candidly reflect the impact of several major events in my life, and my memory fragments of these periods are constantly erased and recalled as my psychological state changes. The motivation behind those images involves family, love, changes in the social environment and the world events. The shown works are in the chapter Isolation, which were created during the COVID-19 pandemic. The spaces and close-up objects absent of life project my emotions—loneliness, depression, disappointment, anxiety, and loss. This sense of isolation comes not only from the implementation of the stay-at-home order, but also from the suppression and ostracism of the US government as a Chinese living in the United States, and the feeling of powerlessness in the torrent of society. The work also explores the futility of the two-dimensional space. Flat screens help us communicate with the world, but its vain attempt to mimic the three-dimensional space leave us deluded and confused by its intangibleness.