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Every week an artist is featured whose single image was published by Der Greif. The Feature shows the image in the original context of the series.

Marco Scozzaro - Digital Deli

Jan 17, 2018

In my ongoing research, I adopt a different range of approaches to address displacement as an effect of mass media and consumer culture on identity. With Digital Deli I am interested in decoding the signs of the saturated and disorienting visual landscape. I use a metaphor* to investigate image circulation and the stereotypical connotation of most of the current vernacular. I embrace possibilities by deconstructing mundane elements and re-contextualizing them in new unexpected scenarios. I create multilayered images by sampling fragments of personal or collective memory and reconstructing them in new hybrid forms. I address generic aspects of the dystopian time I live in, and use humor to approach the complexity of the now and deal with my conflicting ambivalence towards pop culture.

I inevitably play with the subtle line between reality and its fictional representation and the inherent artifice of photography.


* In New York City a Deli is the classic store you can literally find at every corner of the street. Also known as Bodegas, these convenience stores are characterized by a very specific use of vernacular imagery, multicolored commercial signs, kaleidoscopic arrangements of commodities and an overall specific aesthetic that visually inspired my project.

Artist Blog

The blog of Der Greif is written entirely by the artists who have been invited to doing an Artist-Feature. Every week, we have a different author.

New Stuff

Jan 24, 2018 - Marco Scozzaro

New Stuff is the name of a folder on my computer, a sort of temporary repository where I put low-res of current and past photos. From time to time, I look at its content and play with it. It’s a good exercise to break down the links between a set group of images and reorganize them, finding new associations. I do the same thing with prints.
I am exploring multiple dimensions of the project Digital Deli and this is a snippet of animations I made to test how I can render the multilayered aspect of my work in a video environment.

The Digital Deli Sciò

Jan 23, 2018 - Marco Scozzaro

The Digital Deli Sciò is one of the chapters of a broader multimedia project that addresses image circulation and the current visual vernacular.
Starting from reenactments of personal and collective memories, I wanted to deal with my conflicting relationship with pop culture. The Sciò (“show”, misspelled in Italian) is a parody of the commercial television I grew up with. As a kid, TV was one of the main sources of images for me. Growing up I became more radical and aware of the stereotypes that media diffuse and I completely lost interest. Recently I reconciled with the medium through Public Access TV and I am now creating a show by appropriating commercial television’s language and rhetorics and incorporating them into my practice.

This is the pilot episode I produced with the support of BRIC Media Art Fellowship. It is partially scripted, partially improvised, partially post-produced. I composed the music by sampling sounds from pop music records. I overlapped different live video feeds and mixed them with layers of glitches while performing as a flamboyant and elusive host. The script is a collage of appropriated artist statements that somehow reflect my practice.

Common Place, Déjà vu, Luogo Comune

Jan 22, 2018 - Marco Scozzaro

“Digital Deli is a pamphlet for your leisure time and a poster that will fit perfectly in your teenage bedroom or your office waiting room.”


As this project deals with media culture, I wanted to make a mass-produced version of it. Together with Silent Face, an artist-run publisher based in Brooklyn, NY I made this little pamphlet that opens up into a poster. We released it last September at the NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1.

Ciao, Entertainment, Generic, Club Tropicana, Synchilla, Solaris. Millennium Bug

Entrepreneur, Malibu, Retró, À La Page, Show Business, Buffet, Custom Preset, Extravaganza, Bikini, Bermuda, Coiffure, Sex Appeal, Acapulco, Pro Tools, Calvin Klein, Euphoria, Bambulè, Pittoresco, Clam Casino, Personal Computer, Chiaroscuro, Hit Parade, Liaison, Digital Performer,  Television. Pizza, Fluó, Musica Leggera, Travel & Leisure, Kitsch, Rimini, Fiorucci, Souvenir, Snack, Terrazzo, Funtazia, Technicolor, Passatempo, Sony Walkman, Phil Barney, Quadraverb, Boutique, Soffritto, Vhs, Savoir Faire, Paninaro, Mirage, New York City, Condominio, Rolex, Panavision, Simpatici & Antipatici, Oysterquartz, Tempo Libero, Akai, Pour Parler, Pamela Anderson, Vetrocemento, Frozen Food, Avant-Garde, Moviola, Success, TDK D-90, Hedonism, Chroma Polaris, Never Twice The Same Color, Zubaz, Neon, Paradise Garage, Fuchsia, Air Jordan VI ,Extravaganza, Linoleum, Al Fresco, MIDI, Random, Caprì, Formica, Lifestyle, Post Production, Alla Moda, Sandwich, Italo Disco, Raphael De La Ghetto, Terrazzo,  Art Vandelay, Biturbo, Savoir Faire, LA Gear, Luogo Comune, Home Video, Cattivo Gusto, Chroma Key, Cliché, Opus Incertum, Charisma, Fellini, Confidence, DX-7, Flirt, Riccione, DVD, Astroturf, Best Company, Testarossa, Cinema Veritée, RSVP, Weekend Postmoderno, Ombrè, Riviera, Nuff Said, Pubblicità, MicroTac, Photoshop, Habitat, Plexiglass, Chiaroscuro, Déjà Vu, Lido Blu, MiniDisk, Chiaroscuro, Superstudio, Powell Peralta, Demodè, Panorama, Tom’s Diner, Smile, Betacam, Datejust, Benestante, Dee Jay, Quasar, Formula 1, Miami Vice, Stage Manager, Futuro, Dystopia, Palm Spring, Gianni Boncompagni, Scotch, Tropicalia, Disco Rigido, Laissez Faire, Broadcasting, Progress, Discoteca, Las Vegas, Studio Line, Memphis, Milano, Very Opinionated, Nostalgia, DigiRhodes, Persona, Speedmaster, Entrepreneur, Bauhaus, Yacht, Maurizio Costanzo Show, Saint Tropez, Concerto, Cristian De Sica, Technics, Brutalist, Anni 80, Le Corbusier, Pulsar, Ultrá, Compact Disc, Jean Paul Gautier, Quasar, Salotto, Iconoclast, Red Ronnie, Il Tipo Ideale, Cellophane, Pubblicità, Utopia, Sm-58, Charisma, Pianoforte, Content, Stratocaster, Panasonic, Chaise Lounge. Palinsesto, Controluce, Cannoli, Synthetic, Drumatix, Sound System, Supersaw, Hit Parade, Decorative, Disc Jockey, Stereotipico, Television. 

Digital Deli returns to Canal St.

Jan 21, 2018 - Marco Scozzaro

The commercial signs and posters of Chinatown played a big influence on the aesthetic of the project. After my show Digital Deli at Baxter St in NY closed, I peeled off some of the wallpaper I had installed in the gallery and put it on a wall on Canal St. With this performance I wanted to return my images to where they are symbolically coming from.

Pictures become Objects

Jan 20, 2018 - Marco Scozzaro

In a gallery setting Digital Deli translates into an installation where images become objects. The sequence, size, and selection of photographs slightly change every time I exhibit the project.
I used a hybrid technology to create the images, I shot mostly on film with a medium format and large format camera, then scanned the negatives and printed with an inkjet printer. I also used an iPhone and a flatbed scanner to produce a couple images. One of the photos was woven into a Jacquard weave, a few were mounted to metal tubes and became a sculpture, others were printed on adhesive vinyl, the rest were mounted to clear and fluorescent acrylic. A neon sign was part of the installation.

Here you can find installation views from my solo show at Baxter St in New York and at the group show, Where Does The Future Get Made, curated by Jim Ramer at the Lishui Art Museum in China.
A mixed soundtrack called Musica Leggera was playing in the basement of Baxter St, where I recreated the interior of a deli backroom for people to hang out and drink beers.



Jan 19, 2018 - Marco Scozzaro

A few years ago, I started using Tumblr as a new platform to share side projects and images that were not on my website. Bianco featured polaroids, early cellphone pictures, sketches, ideas, tests, etc. Tumblr’s interface was new to me and offered a stream of images that reflected better the fluidity in my practice and how it was changing towards a new direction.

When I started using Instagram, I linked the two accounts, so that the pictures that I was making with my iPhone would automatically go on Tumblr as well. The template I am still using allowed me to see the images in a different order and showed me the possibility to create new associations between them.
Inspired by this epiphany, I made an artist book that mirrored on paper what was happening online. The book is called Sviaggioni, an Italian word I made up, meaning more or less mental trips. Each double spread became a sort of mood board for Digital Deli. I have been collecting details, textures, color, shapes and this loose inventory allowed me to focus my attention on some recurring elements in the imagery I was interested in.
I then renamed the Tumblr Sviaggioni. I sometimes post different content on the two platforms and I like to see how the different context changes my perception of my images and makes me reflect about my practice as an image-maker, as both producer and consumer at the same time.





Jan 18, 2018 - Marco Scozzaro

Let me give you a little bit of context.
With my project Digital Deli, I want to reflect on the experience of how we create and consume images nowadays. In order to do so, I am working with parallel layers involving photographs that can be printed on a book or a poster, distributed online, woven into a blanket, sculpted into a 3D object, hung on the wall of a gallery, or animated in a video.

I will use my guest blogging as a platform to talk about my process and I will explore all the different dimensions of my work in the next few days.

I want to start my guest blogging with a meta-video I made to present me and my work to apply for an artist residency last year. I believe this is an interesting overview of my current research.

The gif you see on the lower left part of the screen is an early piece of web art I made in 2006. It was my avatar on Myspace, the first social media profile I had and the beginning of my – at that time not so conscious – investigation on image circulation. It is an ironic self-portrait I made with scans of my ID pictures I collected over the years. The big animation is an artist book I made with an early edit of Digital Deli. I am now working on a new version of the book and I hope to publish it soon.  I composed the music under my moniker l’oggetto. The way I work with sounds, either generated by me or sampled, has deeply influenced my recent photographic practice.