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Marinos Tsagkarakis - Wild goose chase

Feb 26, 2020

Under what criteria can we define absurdity? Is “common sense” the perfect reference for recognising the meaningful, and the rational?


I grew up under the common western norms of what is reasonable. Actually, I followed all the “right” steps that lead safely to a successful and happy life.


Looking back, the last time I felt excited and genuinely happy about something was during my childhood; with my vivid imagination, I was constantly experimenting, tasting, feeling the world around me…


This amazing feeling came back in my adult life only when I started being interested in the absurd; chasing objects, and life scenes that make no practical sense; events and facts that you doubt about their existence.


In a world full of rationalism and ubiquitous political correctness, these small spikes of confusion may be the key for subverting the absurd into something substantial, and fascinating.

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Hungry hearts

Mar 03, 2020 - Marinos Tsagkarakis

My friends are black birds

who seesaw on the terraces of houses that are ready to collapse

Exarcheia, Patission, Metaxourgeio, Mets

They do whatever

Sell recipe books and encyclopedias

They fix roads and unite deserts

Interpreters at the cabarets of Xenon

Professional revolutionaries

They crowded them, before, and took them down

Now they take pills and alcohol in order to sleep

but they have dreams and do not sleep

My friends are tight wires

on the terraces of old houses

Exarcheia, Victoria, Koukaki, Gyzi

On them you have hung millions of iron clothespins

items of your guilt,

decisions of congress,

borrowed suits,

cigarette burns

curious migraines,

threatening silences

vaginal infections

they fall in love with homosexuals



the telephone

broken glass

the ambulance

No one…

Poet: Katerina Gogou 

A poem about the simple optical illusion

Mar 02, 2020 - Marinos Tsagkarakis

In  my old house

the  kitchen

had a balcony

the back balcony we used to call it

and would go out for a smoke

morning and evening

on the opposite side, there was a wall

not on the opposite side

exactly in front of it

you would touch it if you stretched your arm

sometimes I sat

there and thought

and when I think

I don’t see


since I did not see the wall

deep inside me

I felt that it was the sky

when I realized it

the wall was again wall


I’ve come to Germany

and they have lots of space here

nobody sees the wall

of the other

so from my balcony

I see the sky

everywhere is the sky

except that when I think

the sky


an endless wall


Poem: Ania Vouloudi

Paradise Inn

Feb 29, 2020 - Marinos Tsagkarakis

In recent decades, countless artificial “paradises” were developed around the world and their number still grows faster than ever before. This industry that manufactures an entertainment product of mass consumption meant to satisfy the average man’s need for recreational time and fun, is called tourism.


The tourism industry has drastically intruded the land, transforming it into a product while causing several effects with a severe socio-cultural character. Destinations are in danger of losing their original appearance, structure, and identity, through a standardization process that aims to satisfy the tourists’ wishes. What is not understood though, is that this process doesn’t degrade only the final product but mostly affects the local societies which have to survive the low periods relying only on the remnants of a seasonal industry.


“Paradise Inn” aims to highlight the consequences of this massive and uncontrolled tourist development.  In Greece, as in Southern Europe in general, these effects are reflected on the constructed landscape mostly through the unregulated and shoddy architecture, the kitsch and folklore decoration,  the construction and adoption of artificial elements and entertainment structures, the falsification of identity and cultural heritage, the violation of the natural environment and finally the desolation that occurs after peak season.

Paradise Inn

Feb 28, 2020 - Marinos Tsagkarakis

            “The only true paradise is the paradise we have lost…”

            – Marcel Proust

Wild goose chase

Feb 27, 2020 - Marinos Tsagkarakis

I am interested only in “nonsense”; only in that which makes no practical sense. I am interested in life only in its absurd manifestations.


– Daniil Kharms