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Artist Feature

Every week an artist is featured whose single image was published by Der Greif. The Feature shows the image in the original context of the series.

Nasrah Omar - Verisimilitude

Nov 24, 2021

Verisimilitude is a series of uncanny juxtapositions of hyperreal mass produced consumer goods and portraits. Through this interplay, familiar objects are integrated into a contemporary Vanitas arrangement, pedestalized and immortalized in their unsettling restaging. ​The claustrophobic juxtapositions assess the notions of desire and consumption by subverting the lurid entrancement of commerce which underpins it, creating a sense of unease. Seemingly unremarkable, expendable “necessities” take center stage, interweaving the mundane with the fantastical; transforming into otherworldly cornucopias.
By using mass produced, “consumer goods” to populate the scenes – I’m interested in exploring how the language of commerce metamorphoses seemingly banal objects into mythologized and pedestalized states, assessing notions of taste and refinement while questioning the ubiquity of mass produced objects that are so intertwined with the rituals of our daily lives.
Contemporary consumerism is built on a psyche of brand awareness and loyalty, objects become emblems of curated lifestyles and perpetually proliferating desires. Mimetically, the cramped tableaus present a riotous profusion of color and unsettling juxtapositions. They build intrigue while inducing a sense of unease about the subject matter that awaits its own devouring.