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Artist Feature

Every week an artist is featured whose single image was published by Der Greif. The Feature shows the image in the original context of the series.

Ville Kumpulainen - Out of Sight

Jun 27, 2018

Unstable relation with the past forces me to the state of deconstruction and rewriting the old archive materials. Through my images I grow roots deep into the hidden memories as well as the unconscious – Making visible what has been out of sight.

Maurice Blanchot says ” That the break is a necessary for every discussion and that the totality of the words construct and enable the future”. My photographs fill the breaks between past and the present. I attempt to create a dialogue with the lost time and between generations in order to work against my experience of discontinuity. I´m searching separate single images like words to create sentences where the images form a conversation.

My memory should be filled with sensations of presence but instead there is empty spaces, lack of touching and absence. I try to compensate those missing elements by dealing with the haptic dimensions of the photographs. My wounded essence takes a pictorial form of disturbances and interruptions. When searching a expression for those often volatile feelings and impressions a logic of metaphor comes into play.

Artist Blog

The blog of Der Greif is written entirely by the artists who have been invited to doing an Artist-Feature. Every week, we have a different author.

Gerald Slota and Jonny Briggs

Jul 02, 2018 - Ville Kumpulainen

Im glad to introduce two wonderful artists Gerald Slota and Jonny Briggs. I always found their works very striking and strong. They both has inspired me a lot.

Gerald Slota is a American artist


From the series Found 

Unique gelatin silver prints, 10 x 8 inches


derived from negatives Slota purchased at many estate sales.

utilizing the last of his supply of Agfa paper and developer and then applied sparingly with a finger, brush, or sponge to create a new narrative


Gerald Slota

Jonny Briggs he is a British artist.


In search of lost parts of my childhood I try to think outside the reality I was socialised into and create new ones with my parents and self. Through these I use photography to explore my relationship with deception, the constructed reality of the family, and question the boundaries between my parents and I, between child/adult, self/other, nature/culture, real/fake in attempt to revive my unconditioned self, beyond the family bubble. Although easily assumed to be photoshopped or faked, upon closer inspection the images are often realised to be more real than first expected. Involving staged installations, the cartoonesque and the performative, I look back to my younger self and attempt to re-capture childhood nature through my assuming adult eyes.


Jonny Briggs

Eye and Idea

Jul 01, 2018 - Ville Kumpulainen

Next I present my new works from my ongoing series Eye and Idea (2018 -)


Twisted dimensions, illogicalities, holes, distortions, anti-gravitation and sensations of total emptiness occupy my photographic works. The process of making these images offers me an experimental approach to spaces and things; it enables a new discovery of dimensions and visual actualities otherwise hidden from the mundane view. I use materials such as objects, words, archival images and analogue photo paper, which I dismantle and recompose by cutting, tearing, folding and rearranging.

What then unfolds within the photographic plane is an array of sculptural formations. They create depth and paths allowing experience and perception to get lost in the images. The borders of the photographs are closed. They force the photographic spaces to stay in their place and solidify, thus becoming generous abysses for the gaze to immerse with.

In my photographic practice, the intrinsic voice of objects and things gets combined with fragments of words which I have encountered in magazines and books and have collected over time. Useless objects void of their familiar purpose gain new meaning through these words. My artistic body of works visualizes the unexpected and inconsistent ways of thinking which can be sought after and arrestingly discovered in the process of creating.


Jun 30, 2018 - Ville Kumpulainen

In my third post I present my new works from the series Out of Sight(2018).

Book Out of Sight 2/2

Jun 29, 2018 - Ville Kumpulainen

Something breaks through the surface, or is just about to burst out—a nameless shimmer. In the black-and-white collage photographs of Out of Sight, the layers of being and memory are intertwined. Fragments of objects and humans cut out from the photos, as if multiple temporalities coexisted within the same sentence.


There are faceless heads, lonely hands that are gesturing, and feet we witness pacing out of the picture. The holes that open up in place of the missing limbs are tunnels to yesterday, or inward. The relics of the real force the viewer to admit that existence is like a sequence of tugs and disconnections. We are dealing with the problem of naming; the images will take you in front of the metaphorical chasm.


Torso-ness and metaphorical extensions recur in Out of Sight; the images say something other than what they show. The layers of the mind are ubiquitous, and yet they are forever without location.

Part of the essay  Out of Sight

Written BY Tiina Lehikoinen

Book Out of Sight 1/2

Jun 28, 2018 - Ville Kumpulainen

I would like to start this blog by presenting my first book Out of Sight.

Published by Hatje Cantz 2017.

Graphic design: Inka Bell