Acacia Johnson


Acacia Johnson is a photographer and artist from Alaska. Her photographs evolve naturally out of immersive journeys to the far northern regions of the world, where she uses the camera as a way to explore the landscapes of the Circumpolar North, and human relationships to these environments. A recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Acacia has exhibited her work internationally and spends most of her free time in northern Norway. After working for several years in photo editing and blogging, she now works as a seasonal expedition guide and photography lecturer in Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, where she is able to convey her passion for the Arctic firsthand. Currently, Acacia is on a Fulbright grant in Canada, pursuing a project about the winter landscape of Baffin Island in affiliation with the Ontario College of Art and Design University. She spent this winter living in the community of Arctic Bay, on the north of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. The resulting work, Under The Same Stars, will debut in Ottawa in April.

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