Agata Wieczorek


I am intrigued by the obsessive fascination with images, the fetish of visual representation and image’s uncanniness. I am captivated by Heidegger’s idea of “World Picture”: the independent, ever-changing, multi-contextual and self-governed reality of mass-produced images. I find this Borgesian scenario somehow uncanny, but also mesmerizing and irresistible to explore. In my art practice, I perceive the image beyond its depictive and narrative roles. My intention is to ask how and why we perceive the images, how we classify and understand them. Similarly to the W.J.T. Mitchell’s rhetoric, I frequently personify the images and give them the role of a subject that has its own desires, intentions, identity and stories to tell. I also frequently refer to practices and phenomena that employ visual representation as their crucial element, such as Fetish objects and Crossdressing practices, uncanny simulacra: mannequins and masks. Incorporation of these subjects into my art work highlights the role of the visual representation not only while researching the idea of the image itself, but also while exploring visual perception and identity of the viewer. I employ photography and video in order to interplay with the ontology of the lens-based images as well as their social and gender contexts. I am currently working on my MA in Photography and Cinematography at the Polish National Film School in Lodz, preparing myself to work professionally as a visual artist and photographer.

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