Agata Wieczorek


Statement Human body is a recurrent subject in my work. I am particularly interested in how it exists and performs in situations that are extremely intimate and extremely political at the very same time. In my work, I try to explore these moments that frequently belong to the sphere of taboos and that mostly happen beyond the shared gaze, such as queer desires, production and consumption of fetishes, body’s medicalization. Exceeding norms and acting beyond visibility almost always foretells significant shifts, or even revolutions. I am thus interested in the liminal, unexposed subjects, and in how they intertwine with contemporary technology, capitalist economy, and politics. I see this intersection drawing out the most actual shape of the shared socio-political fabrics. Bio Wieczorek’s practice combines film and photography while moving between constructed documentary and documented fiction. She currently studies at Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains (2020-2022). She previously graduated from the National Film School in Lodz, Poland (Direction of Photography), and from the Strzeminski Art Academy in Lodz, where she studied traditional techniques: painting and fine art printing.

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