Ahmad Soltani


I'm a researcher focused on an area almost completely disjoint with art. Nevertheless, photography, cinema and fine arts are such integral parts of my life that without them I can't do my day day job as a computer science researcher. Born in Iran, I've been living in Singapore for the last 7 years. I lived through all stages of COVID-19 hitting Singapore just as it hit the rest of the world. Before here I used to live in Turkey for almost 15 years, and different parts of Iran before that. My interest in photography started during an excursion I took to the national art museum (Tehran) in secondary school. There I saw photographs of Iran-Iraq war and was mesmerized by how each photograph was more than just a frame, it narrated an anecdote. Since then I took interest in capturing frames and telling stories until I was 16, when I stopped due to a personal reason. Although I wasn't able to approach photography for the past 20 years, it was never left out of my life. I frequently studied captivating pictures and found photographic angle in everything I watched. This year January, finally, I was able to pick up the camera again, and after two decades, it's hard to explain the ecstatic joy I feel when capturing the world around me.

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