Akos Levente


My name is Ákos Levente, I'm currently finishing my photography bachelor's at the University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Fine Arts in Hungary. I spent my last semester studying abroad with the Erasmus + programme in Brno, Czech Republic at FAVU. My main approach to photography is the utilisation of the photographic document as a tool to recreate or illustrate alternative and imaginary realities. Consequently I prefer to use analog printing and photographic techniques, and always trying to take advantage of a photograph's perception as a proof or imprint of reality, since I'm mostly interested in the photograph as a document of a certain concept and/or time and the technical and historical circumstances of an image's creation. Conceptually my focus had shifted in recent years towards the examination of our perception of the objects and tools which surround us, and the photographic apparatus itself. How we define ourselves by using and inspecting them, how we tend to build up sentimental connections towards them, and how this emotional relation can shift into a fetishizing propensity. In this regard I'm mainly inspired by the performative aspect of photography, both visually and theoretically, and the main visual and conceptual source of this inspiration comes from the 70’s - 80’s performance art, and it’s photographic documentations and visual solutions.

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