Alejandro Otto Subiotto


Born in 1996 in Brussels, Belgium, Alejandro Subiotto is a conceptual artist currently living and working in London, UK. His practice is interdisciplinary, currently working in photography, perfumery, and music production. Alejandro grew up in a multicultural environment, and through his practice, explores what the weaving of cultures looks like. Drawing inspiration from the mythical figure of Janus, Alejandro pays particular attention to how one can explore the multifaceted nature of history and its role in shaping the future. Thus, close reading of texts in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies strongly complement Alejandro’s practice. His work has been featured internationally, in Brussels, Belgium (Atelier Las Meninas) and in Providence, RI, USA. Alejandro completed a program in Art History in Paris in 2014 and recently graduated from Brown University with a degree in Development Studies.

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