Alessia Olivieri


With Italian origins, Alessia Olivieri (1992) lives and works in Switzerland. She studied Photography and Arts for 8 years at the Photography School of Vevey (CEPV), by the Leman Lake. She just finished his Diploma as Designer in visual communication. She is also a member of the collective Le Salon. These last two years, her work has been exhibited at Photoforum Pasquart in Bienne (CH), Les Rencontres d’Arles (FR) and Festival Images in Vevey (CH), among others. Between experimental, performances and plastic approaches, she juggles dimensions from flatness to sculptural aspects of photography. She is concerned with perceptions, i.e., how to create and display pictures that question light and space. Her main concern is to find the means to observe the multiple layers of reality, not readily perceivable. Her different tools and methods allow her to not only modify and interpret visual perceptions but also to create images, which one would say, iconic and realistic but at the same time verge on the strange, the absurd, and sometimes the abstract. She is also interested in photo books edition and displaying photography in new ways by installation. ​

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