Alexandra Von Fuerst


Born in 1992 from a Slovak mother and Italian father, I grew up in Italy, graduating in Photography at the University of Visual Communication and Design in Milano in 2014. Spending time travelling and studying in different cities across the world, the creative process behind my work blends personal experience with fiction, inspired by a multifaceted and globalised vision, which draws inspiration from a richness of cultures and traditions. Starting my career as a photographer within the fashion industry, my current interest in relation to the fashion aspect is focused onto collaborations which work on the use of renewable and organic materials, in a respectful and conscious approach to the environment and the people. Mainly Inspired by holistic studies on nature, concerns for a sustainable form of living are expressed through my personal work and production, focused on the awareness, respect and celebration of the living principle within each form of being. Integrating a collective view on society, photography and video are to me the tools of a reconnection to the earth’s wisdom rooted within feminine sensitivity. Starting from a focus on the female body, the work on the overall challenges perceptions of identity and reality to recreate understanding in modern philosophy, questioning the impact of human action on the relationship between body and nature. Working as a visual artist, I am currently based outside Paris.

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