Alexandre Desane


Alexandre Desane is a French photographer, actor, and dancer. He has been developing a passion for breakdance since he was a teenager. Alexandre is a film photography fan and takes pictures in every city he visits. Back from his travels, he studies web development in Paris, works in web agencies, and joined a dramatic art school over the same period. He wrote, directed and edited his first short film "Beatboxe" which has been screened at " la Cinémathèque Française".Alexandre is the leading role of the short film « To Repel Ghosts » directed by Philippe Lacote, acting as the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat. And in the film « RUN » which premiered in Cannes Film Festival Official Selection. He takes advantage of all these shootings abroad to keep traveling and to keep shooting on film by creating a series based on what he feels. Alexandre teamed up with the indie filmmaker Anaïs Volpé by being her first assistant on her first feature film. After all these experiences and adventures, Alexandre is now working on personal long-term projects, he shoots exclusively on film. Some of its works has been published on Memento Magazine (NYC) and Grazia (Paris). Also, he just has been selected to attend a photography workshop by Emin Özmen and Cloé Kerhoas at Magnum Photos Agency in Paris to improve his visual storytelling skills.

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