Alfonso De Gregorio


Alfonso De Gregorio is an Italian conceptual artist. At the intersection of fine art and documentary, his idea of photography is to raise powerful and political questions about the world we live in. Alfonso uses his cybersecurity background to research novel photographic processes. Assessed their narrative power, he matches them to a subject-matter and develops the concept. The final projects are the result of the combination of the designed photographic process and the concept, backed by his craft. In his latest projects, Alfonso repurposed imaging technology for doing video surveillance to the spaces that lays at the intersection of fine-art and documentary. He turned surveillance technology towards himself, to record the resulting introspective investigations. In so doing, he aimed to address wider realities that the viewers may have experienced in their lives too. Alfonso is two-times Winner of the Allard Prize Photography Competition, two-times Nominee to the Fine Art Photography Awards 2018, and HIPA 2017-2018 Finalist. He has exhibited at Trieste Photo Days (Italy), Unauthorized SFMOMA (USA), Chania International Photo Festival (Greece), and other group shows across Poland, Greece, Hungary, USA, and Italy – And generally he does not speak of himself in the third person.

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