Ali Mobasser


Ali Mobasser was born in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA in 1976 after which his family moved back to Iran. In 1979, The Islamic Revolution forced them to leave their country. There began an unknown journey for Ali's family that led them through various countries in the hope of one day returning to Iran from their life in exile. Soon though the strain of their indefinite state led to the break up of the family. After two years of living with his mother in America, at the age of eight Ali was sent on what he thought would be a short visit his to see his father, aunt and grandfather in London. He was to remain and has lived in London ever since. In 2017, following the death of his aunt and father Ali decided to visit Iran for the first time. The events of Ali Mobasser’s childhood and his families past fuel his art today. His concepts are all pieces to a story told through collecting, documenting and re-addressing past experiences and learning to see the hidden meanings behind that, which has become normalized and familiar. Ali's use of sequence and patterns of repetition investigate some of these traumatic events and aim to turn painful experiences into beautiful and meaningful patterns. His art therapy looks at re-routing the sometimes-harmful hereditary and environmental habits that influence a person's course.

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