Alicia Caldera


Alicia Caldera was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. In 2007 she decided to move to Bogota (Colombia) where she lived for more than 10 years. She is an artist and a photographer, graduated in Political Science. Later she completed a Master in Photography at the National University of Colombia and recently studied a Master in Author Photography in Madrid (Spain) where she currently works and lives. In her work, Alicia explores certain political and social issues relate to her own travel and identity experiences. She reflects on migration and how a process of dissolution, temporality, uprooting and memory happen. In 2017, Alicia was the winner of the call for publications from the Center of Photography in Montevideo (Uruguay), so her dummy 2219 was published as a photobook at the end of 2018. Her work has been exhibited in different galleries and museums in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, France and United States. More recently, she had a solo show during PhotoespaƱa Festival 2019 at the Iberoamerican Institute of Finland in Madrid and a collective one at the Contemporary Art Museum MAC-Lima in Peru.

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