Anastasiya Lazurenko


Begin the bio by introducing yourself, and always write in the third person all the impossible unnecessary things to you, your family, your friends. Really, let's be in the world's change to honesty? Who am I, I don't really know and I really wish to know, and when I know everything is not so ok with the society but does it really matter if you have love inside. I'm for light, awareness and working as hard as I can. We are here and now only once. Now I want to study simplicity of life - too much overload before, but I'm so thankful for every breathe. It sounds so naive but it is honestly what I was thinking about right now and the feel of self-realization is beyond any rules, I respect them, but now I take photography as spiritual practice, mystical yoga as it is. I wish you Love and tantric sex in between everything!

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