Anders Rindom


I am a visual artist based in London. My practice is varies a great deal and often thrives on the opportunity to change environment or to work with others. Although much of my outcome is presented in the shape of projects or as installations, the one thing that binds what I do together comes down to observation and touch: observing a setting, physically handling materials and applying or adjusting colours. These are the verbs traditionally associated with the language of painting, so that is in all probability what’s at the root of it all. No piece of mine is ever let out into the public domain without a few words: they see as a key that may serve to open a door, get you into the space the work inhabits. My approach to photography has grown out of a need to document my outcomes, before they perish forever. Slowly but surely, this has allowed me to appreciate the merit of the images themselves, to love them as and end in themselves: I appreciate the deadpan neutrality they can provide, being present and baring witness to my actions. But more importantly, I like my camera as a companion, a trusted friend with who I share the rush of seeing.

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