Anders Siddhartha Toustrup Darre


Nationality: Danish

Born: 1981

In my youth my photos always tried to capture the highlight of a never-ending party. I was not so conscious about my photographic practice but used the photos to extent my memories. I tried to prolong the feeling from a Friday night.

I am a commercial film producer by profession. It has given me the opportunity to work with a number of world-class Art Directors, Film Directors, Directors of Photography, Set-Designers, Colorists and many other people who are the best to set a mood and tell a story. To observe their attention on every little detail has helped me become better at seeing the nuances myself.

I have been fortunate to work for more than 10 years internationally, which meant travelling around the world and gaining access to so many incredible places – always with my camera around the neck. It has been such an inspiring journey.

However, the paradox is that it is after I lost this source of inspiration by working more from the office at home that I feel I have progressed the most as a photographer and started to find my photographic voice. It is after repeat visits to the same places that I have become better to notice the details. And it is since then, I feel I have improved my ability to focus on those details that are so important to evoke a certain feeling and sometimes even tell a story. 


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