Andrea Graziosi


Andrea Graziosi author/photographer Born in 1977, Andrea Graziosi grew up in Loreto, a village in central Italy, one of the most visited places of spirituality and pilgrimage in Italy. Between the mid-1990s and 2004, he brought his research and artistic experiences into the world of underground culture. In 2004 he completed his university studies in Letters and Philosophy, with a thesis on the representation of the transgression of the Image in contemporary photography, with special mention from the jury, at the University of Bologna. The same year, he left Italy to settle in France. After training in photography at the École de l'Image aux Gobelins in 2010, Andrea Graziosi began working as a freelance photographer and decided to develop these photographic projects. Since then, he has been carrying out his research on the correlations that human beings have with other forms of life. Evoking and working on ontological notions related to the concepts of animal becoming, parallel dimensions, fracture, strangeness, he aims to produce photographic works, in which the place of the printed object is decisive. In 2015, publishes his first book, Nunc Stans – La Sainte Victoire, with Éditions André Frère. In 2022 he won the Polyptyque prize with the "Animas" project. Currently, he is working on three new publishing projects.​

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