Angela Blažanović


I am a London based fine art photographer. Having previously studied Art & Design, I am currently undertaking a BA in Photography at The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design. I was born and raised in Germany, while my parents are originally from Croatia and Bosnia; I moved to the UK in 2014. Growing up between cultures as a child of two nationalities, I have always felt uncertain about my own identity and place of belonging. Through my practice I have learned to seek inspiration from what once felt like a fearful longing for belonging. My own experience as well as my own observations feed into my work as a photographer. With a strong interest in the influential relationship between human and landscape I often examine themes such as identity & memory; in an effort to extract the overlooked from the ordinary. In my current practice I investigate the relationship between the natural and the artificial through an interdisciplinary approach between photography and sculpture. The project uses the poetics of visual story telling in order to tap into subjects such as modern day pollution of waterways and environmentalism.

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