Arianna Todisco


Arianna Todisco is a creative and travel photographer based in Milan but she was born in the province of Bari in 1995. She is graduated at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in New Technologies of Art (Art and Media). During her academic studies, she began her personal research and her activity as a photographer. Her work consists primarily of photographic reportage. Arianna in spring 2016 exhibits her works in some spaces of Brera Academy during the Accademia Aperta; she also exhibits at the PAC Museum located in the district of Porta Venezia. In May of 2017, she was selected as the winners of Premio Donghi. In March of this year, Arianna’s project “Solitudinem” was selected from photographer and expert of Magnum Photos and Contrasto for the exposition “ORA” at Fondazione Carispezia, La Spezia. In September 2019 she has been selected from Canon Italia and Canon France to take part in Canon Student Program 2019 during the photojournalism festival of Visa Pour L'image in Perpignan. In October 2019 she has been selected as one of the nine finalists of Talent Prize 2019 organized by Insideart Magazine, she exposed her installation "Villaggio Dei Fiori" at Mattatoio Museum in Rome. Since September 2018 she studying photography at CFP Bauer in Milan. She is a full member of Waamoz Collective.

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