Attilio Tripodi


I’m Attilio Tripodi, I’m an art director freelance and I work for advertising, graphic design, packaging, publishing. Have always been passionate about photography and my shots affected my professional background: lines, colors, weights optical, graphic elements, are often the lines of my pictures, beauty tools that wrap and sometimes affect the emotion that a photo must be able to communicate. The images I present are related to the direction of travel through different cultures, which deeply respect the essence and my goal demonstrates a more intimate and inward path by which I take the connection between place and human presence, between me and my subject; the features of a face, the expression of a face, posture, give me the inspiration alive, real time to reflect on the beauty that envelops human lives. I show some personal assets such as participation in the International Festival of Photography “Photos & Photo” of Cesano Maderno (MB), “Immagimondo” of Lurago d’Erba (CO), “Fotografia Europea” of Reggio Emilia. I exhibited my photographic collections in many cities: San Terenzo (SP), Biella, Settimo Torinese (TO), Calusco d’Adda (BG), Cesena, San Pietro in Casale (BO), Milano, Macherio (MB), Perego (LC), Valmadrera, (LC), Merate (LC), Moncalieri, (TO), Recoaro Terme (VI), Arcore (MB), Sirtori (LC), Barcellona (Spain), Torino, Vigevano (PV), Ortisei (BZ), Cisano Bergamasco (BG), New Delhi (India). I have published four books which are related to the exhibition catalog.

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