Bärbel Reinhard


Bärbel Reinhard was born in 1977 in Stuttgart, Germany and lives and works in Tuscany, Italy. After studying art history and sociology in Berlin she graduated in 2010 in Photography at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, Italy. She attended several workshops with Rineke Dijkstra, Arno Minkkinen, Abelardo Morell, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Paolo Woods, Paolo Verzone, George Tatge, Elina Brotherus, Carmelo Bongiorno, Sally Gall et al. In 2011 she won Portfolio Italia Citerna with Nothing but a footnote. Eastern Germany and in 2013 the publishing of her book 'as above so below' at Centro Italiano della Fotografia d'Autore. Her work has been exhibited in several shows in Italy and abroad, such as European Month of Photography Luxembourg, Photo Marseille, New York University Florence, Galleria Metronom, Modena ecc. Her main interest lies in characteristics and limits of photography as a time-space-tied medium, memories, nature and errors. Beside her work as freelance and curator of Mario Carnicelli's archive she works as photography teacher at Kent State University and teaches darkroom techniques at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence and has collaborated with publishers like Danilo Montanari, Gli Ori, Reel Art Press.

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