Björn Nilsson


I am working as a photographer based in Stockholm. The last seven years I have spent in splendid isolation. I started all over again with photography. Redefined my own role in photography. What stories, if any, do I want to tell. I`m trying to find an emotion in a story more than the story itself. For example in the serie and book "Gubbängen" its how the people relate to a specific place, in this case a small suburb. In the serie and book "Kollektivet" I explore the community among railroad workers and their conditions. Photography is so diverse, and many people make beautiful pictures, and they are often wonderful, but I aim to try and tell a story, sometimes through a body of work, sometimes with just one image. I try not to be to obvious what my intentions are, i always want the viewer to make up her/his own mind, but there is always something I`m trying to convey.

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