I was born in 1975 in a northern Italian town. In 1982 my parents and I moved to Sicily to my mother’s hometown, which is as south as it gets in Italy. I must admit I didn’t appreciate it at all. As an only child my teenage years were as serene as they were lonely. I took the first opportunity to leave that place when I enrolled at the University of Bologna and never went back. I had no particular interest in photography until in 2000 my father found a 35mm camera in his newsstand, perhaps misplaced by some tourist. I started taking pictures as a distraction from my philosophical studies, already a derailed train at the time. Gradually photography increased its presence. The need to understand why a photograph was better than the other kindled a speculation on photography, art and beauty that lasts to these days. My first subjects were trees and buildings which I still love to photograph, although landscapes and especially portraits of friends and strangers alike entered my sphere of interest. During the last few years I switched from 35mm to medium format analogical cameras and was able to build my own dark room. This allowed me to understand the whole process of photography to a degree I had not reached before. Moreover, a job that leaves me a lot of spare time made recently possible for me to plan trips in different cities. I’m also experimenting again in 35mm, so basically more travels, more people, more pictures.

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