Can Mocan


Mocan graduated from the Department of Photoaphy and Video at Bilgi University where he completed his undergraduate degree in 2009. His BA project consisted of portraits of Turkish cinema directors. Mocan got his MA degree in 2017 with the thesis entitled as “An Enquiry on the Relation of Reality and Fictional in Jeff Wall’s Photographs” in program of Art Theory and Criticism at Isık University. His first solo exhibit, The White Screen (2009), which is composed of portraits of film actors and directors. Constructed of sixty analog, black and white photographs, this project led Mocan to simultaneously go off in two different directions: cinema and photography. Mocan’s second exhibit, Downfall (2012) takes a more fictional stance. Reflecting a critique of the human condition, Çöküs turns its lens to matters of loneliness, depression, anxiety, death, ethics, and conscience. Mocan’s third solo exhibit, Weird Black Handbook (2018) focuses on the images of ordinary objects and daily practices we are involved in and tries to reconsider the human existence in terms of concealment and overlooking. Mocan has participated in both solo and numerous group exhibits and his works have been recognized with a number of international awards. Among those is the award in Fine Arts he received from the International Photography Awards competition of 2012.

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