Carol Rahal


My encounter with the art of photography took place when I lived in Indonesia on a scholarship to study the traditional culture of Bali, in 2007. There I became close friends with a photographer who took me to photograph Hindu religious rituals. Back in Brazil, I started a dive in the experimentation of theater, photography and cinema both in the area of ​​education and in my fine art photography. I have a degree in Performing Arts and Photography and a postgraduate degree in Art and Education. I taught for many years in elementary school II and acted as coordinator of interdisciplinary projects at Colégio Stockler / São Paulo, Brazil. Currently, in the area of ​​fine art photography, I exhibit and view some of my authorial works at the Photoarts Gallery, in São Paulo, in addition to developing research on the theme of identity and the female universe through surrealist aesthetics looking for narratives that deal with issues of exploitation of the human being over himself. In the area of ​​education, I contribute as a creative director at the Instituto Bem do Estar, which promotes reflection and preventive actions on the health of the mind, and gives workshops based on the photographic language and its dialogues with other artistic manifestations for young people in the face-to-face and online formats.

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