Caroline Boissier


Caroline BOISSIER - Born in 1985, Geneva - Switzerland - Autodidact, independent visual artist - Multi- and interdisciplinary - Limited, Unique editions - Based in Zurich, Switzerland WORK DESCRIPTION // Caroline Boissier is a multi- and interdisciplinary visual artist with an experimental based approach. Defining her practice as such enables her not to confine her work to any established movement, giving her the liberty to explore the contemporary, reinvent art. At the core of her work is the image and research of its various graphic transformation possibilities. She disrupts the obvious in search of translating an extrinsic idea through her compositions, unifying the intangible mind to the sense’s perception. The subject matter of her projects, often expressed in form of dialectics, is derived from an intro-extrospective questioning of life and the human being’s relation to it. As of 2022, the artist has worked with media such as photography, screen printing, stencils, gray pencil, marker pen and video – and uses digital editing and handmade collage to compose her artworks. Poetry is an integrant part of her oeuvre as an extension of her artistic expression. The texts are intentionally void of graphic images - where words, composition balance and typography take over the function

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