Carsten Rabe


Carsten Rabe (\*1975) is a fine-art photographer and curator living in Hamburg. He has exhibited his photographs in national and international solo and group shows since 2000. In Carsten Rabes art-works he uses documentary photography to explore the beauty of the ordinary and the present. His motives reflect on our everyday actions and examine people in their living environments. His Fotobook "blossom" was nominated for the German Fotobook Award 2016. For the past 15 years he has been based at Westwerk Hamburg, where he works as curator and coordinator of the exhibition program, and is closely linked to the Gängeviertel initiative. Since 2002 he curated several institutional exhibitions and was involved in different gallery projects like, "Projektraum R", Galerie Speckstrasse, Westwerk, MOM-Artspace. From 2010 on, he has curated larger group and concept exhibitions in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Magdeburg and Paris. Exhibitions (Selection) 2017 „Fragments of Variety“, Fotografie, Galerie Grundstoff, Aarhus, Denmark (G) 2016 „Eden / Paradise“, Fotografie, Trittau Wassermühle, Trittau (E) 2015 „Everyday Randomness“, Fotografie, Kontorprojects, Kopenhagen, Dänemark (E) 2014 „Position“, Fotografie, BBk-Hamburg, Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg (G) Publications (Selection) 2017 „Amerika“, Carsten Rabe, Fotobook, Textem Verlag 2016 „City-Linkage, Art and Culture Fostering Urban Futures“, Rabe, Haupt, Ziehl, Jovis Verlag 2015 „blossom“, Carsten Rabe, Fotobook, Textem Verlag

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