Catherine Adams


Through photography, Catherine Adams seeks out precious and often-quiet fragments of worlds lost or in transformation. With a perspective shaped by art historical study and decades as an expatriate and traveler, Catherine believes in the relevance and continuance of history for beginning to understand communities and cultures now, especially those in danger of being forgotten in the rush to a new geo-political future. With this in mind, Catherine inaugurated in January 2018 a long-term exploration of the New East & the New Silk Road. This work in progress follows thematic routes into the communities, disquiets, and transformations of the Middle East, Eurasia, and Central Asia. The work seeks out the vestiges of societies both small or imperial, homing in on the intersections of often spectral pasts and the new contemporary realities. Catherine Adams is represented by Joy Reed Belt (JRB Art at the Elms) in Oklahoma City. Since 2005, she has exhibited in group and solo shows across the United States, and 2019 will see her first solo show in Europe in Rome.

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