Chiara Ernandes


I was born in Rome on the 8th of August 1989. After studying at the classic lyceum, I attended the Roman School of Photography. I furthered my education with in-depth courses, master classes and workshops. During these courses, I had the opportunity to study in direct contact with some important photographers such as Lina Pallotta, Federico Clavarino and Massimo Mastrolillo. I also took part in interesting projects like that of Daniele Cinciripini and Serena Marchionni from Ikonemi Fotografia; a collective that investigates the territory and the landscape, integrating the photographic art in relationship with space. During my studies, I worked as a stage photographer for several Roman theatres, specializing in contemporary and performative theatre. In the past year, I attended the first edition of the workshop organized by Yogurt Magazine by Luigi Cecconi and Francesco Rombaldi; a space where the focus is on visual arts and contemporary photography. The laboratory gave me the opportunity to work on a long-term project, of which, the first part was recently published in the ''Conflicts and Rebirths'' anthology. Currently, I am attending the second part of the Yogurt laboratory as a scholarship student. At the same time, I work as a freelance photographer and I am interested in independent micro-publishing and publishing. In fact, I am part of the Funzilla collective, that, in the past four years has been organizing a festival of self-published photographic fanzines in Rome.

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