Chris Iduma


Christopher Iduma is a self-taught visual artist exploring identity, women, history, and socio-political issues. He considers his work a protest against time as it’s transient as well as for and against certain societal constructs. In his varied and diverse approach to making art; conceptual, experimental and documentary style, the context of the work has an impact on the work’s relationship to the viewer's social and cultural identity. Often focusing on people, landscapes, architecture within cultural context, or revealing the power of language through history. The works takes on various forms intended to give each image a home while also draw in the viewer as co-author and witness, providing an experimental chance to challenge one’s perceptions, perspectives and assumptions. He is a John Herrin Memorial Scholarship 2021 Recipient as a part of FotoFest Biennale. His work was also Best-in-Show winner of the 2020 Nursing In Focus Photo contest organized by International Council of Nurses, NursingNow and Jhpiego in celebration of nurses and midwives all over the world. He's currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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