Chris Round


I am primarily interested in documenting the everyday world around me, with a particular interest in post-natural, human-influenced landscapes. This interest forces me to discover places I never knew existed and surround myself with the unfamiliar. I find these environments dynamic and exciting because they are in a constant state of flux; humans continually change their relationship with their surroundings, for better and for worse, serving up myriad new subject matter. I like to evaluate each scene without any pre-conceived notions of place, or self, documenting scenes with impartiality allowing a narrative to be ‘discovered’, not pre-determined. I’m also fascinated in the temporal aspect of photography and the truth that the scenes I capture will often be dramatically altered, not long afterwards - this anthropogenic ‘cycle of time’ is something I will continue to research. [more show="Show More Info…" hide="Hide More Info…"]


Chris Round was born in England and now lives and works in Sydney. He studied at both Canterbury College of Art and the School of Communication Arts in the UK, and also Sydney College Of Art in Australia. Chris has also had a career as a writer, art director and Creative Director in advertising, winning many international accolades including a coveted Grand Prix at Cannes. His photography has been awarded both locally and internationally including being shortlisted and commended at the World Photo Awards, finalist at Exposure 2011, Regional Landscape Prize winner at CLIP (Australia) 2012, finalist at CLIP 2013, finalist at Sydney’s HeadOff at the HeadOn Festival 2013 and honourable mentions at both IPA and PX3 Paris He has been exhibited at the World Photo Awards at Somerset House in London, The Perth Centre for Photography, Melbourne’s Centre for Contemporary Photography, the Exposure 2013 show in New York, Sydney’s HeadOff festival, and is participating in the Ballarat International Foto Biennale projections in 2013. His solo exhibition ‘Evidence’ was launched at ArtHere Gallery, Sydney, in October 2012 and is travelling to Melbourne, opening at Edmund Pearce Gallery on July 24th.  The Sydney show was curated by renowned Australian photographer Sandy Edwards and received much publicity including Critics’ Choice in the Sydney Morning Herald. [/more]

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