Christian Sanna


Born in 1989, lives and works between Paris and Nosy Be. Christian Sanna is a Malagasy / Italian photographer, who grew up in Nosy Be, Madagascar. After more than 8years living in France to study he began a self healing through photography by documenting and reviewing his home country. Photography became a way for him to reconnect with Madagascar and Malagasy culture from which he felt uprooted because of being a "M├ętis". In 2016, he became major of his photography school by presenting two photography series Moraingy and Fady Kambana. Later, he will participate in several collective exhibitions including the Aperture Summer Open in New York and the 11th edition of the Bamako Encounters - African Photography Biennial, and will have his first solo exhibition in Madagascar at the French Institute of Photography in Antananarivo. Since 2018, Christian his now living between France and Madagascar, with his own atelier/darkroom lab in La Courneuve, Paris. He is also slowly leaving documentary aesthetic to a more poetic and sentimental approach of photography.

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