Christiany Erler


I was born down the Ecuadorian Line. In vast Brazil. Down south traditionalist Minas Gerais. In a town down in the valley. Surrounded by lush mountains. Poços de Caldas the name. I used to play the piano. Frequented conservatories. Studied two periods. Day and night. Regular and technical schools. At the same time. Took part in theatre too. Performed. Made costumes. And wrote. For a youth group newspaper. I left the town fourteen years ago. Went on to the big city. New York City that is. Worked and studied there. Music and photography. At Juilliard and ICP. I call Hamburg home now. It has been so for two years. Go to school there. University. Sounds important when you say it out loud. University of Fine Arts. Sometimes I feel I am unlearning. That can be liberating too.

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