Cinzia Ronco


Born in Turin , Cinzia Ronco attended art school and later master graduated projectual Architecture, then collaborating with prestigious professional in the industry, design and interior design. Late years she deepens photography, in web design, Advertising and graphics, searching for a synthesis of their natural flair. Cinzia Ronco technical expertise and induring study of methodical application developed over the years. Always passion played, Photography is the center of Cinzia Ronco creative project: detail research, subject and aesthetic as the core of the shot. The continuous development for maieutic Image is the natural end of artistic energies, in perception and attainment of beauty. She works with male and female models, together in a new self-perception of body and image. Cinzia Ronco high skills are aimed at the realization of the product, in teaching photography technical lectures, in photoshop and editing.

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