Cletus Nwadike


My name is Cletus Nelson Nwadike. I am from Nigeria but I live in Sweden. Am Swedish now. I am a freelance​ photographer and a poet and I studied photography as a visual communication at ​Jönköping University in Sweden. I have attended a master​class in Amsterdam. 2019. Organized by Lens culture and another masterclass with Nikon-Noor 2021. I have published 8 books. I have exhibited my work at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, 2015. "Höstsalong" Now, I am educating young people too on art and photography. The name of the school where I am currently teaching is Norrskolan in Tranås located in the southern part of Sweden... I love to work with young people and together we learn to create images... I have published 34 pictures in the National "Geographic daily dosen," and in 2015 I had an exhibition in Fotografiska Stockholm "Höst Salongen." I have also been published in both the International and the Nordic​ versions of National Geographic. I had one small exhibition in Gallery contrast in Stockholm in May 2017 with other photographers. One is coming up soon in the same gallery with other photographers and that one is called " FotosidanMaster" I am a finalist at Lens Cultures portrait award 2017. August 2017 I won the Alfred Fried International photo competition on the theme of Peace...

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