Dalia Amara


My focus is the understated, photography rooted in physicality but illustrative of psychic landscapes and illegible traumas. My work is shot in and around the home. I’m invested in using the home as a site to project and exorcise anxiety, pleasure, and banality. For me and for so many other people, home is not simply a site of comfort, but it can also be a site of pain. The domestic space is not immutable. It evolves and changes as we age and have new experiences. Through my photographs, I create a visual language that both adheres to and subverts what is familiar. Mirroring the relationship of memory to reality, my work translates the immateriality of emotional experience to objects that were once very real but now exist within a photograph. With the camera I control and manipulate my understanding of these spaces and ideas, in the same way that memories manipulate and obscure the past.

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