Dovile Martinaityte Tarallo


I was born in Siauliai, north of Lithuania. I lived in Vilnius, Copenhagen, Rome, Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Milan, Puducherry and Lausanne. In those cities I worked and started my journey towards photography. In 2015 I finished to study photography (CFP Bauer) in Milan and went to travel and volunteer in India for 6 months. After a long trip I felt that I needed to stay in a calmer place so I moved to Lausanne in Switzerland, where I am based now and my inspiration comes from the nature and quietness of the city. I started to express myself through photography because I felt the importance of the transformation of the human in a constantly ‘’developing’’ landscape, a human in front of technologies, in front of himself. Most of the time in my work a human being is where I start and where I finish, it’s the fundamental element of my language. Yet, in the last two years I’ve been very much attracted and stimulated by still life photography as well, that for me is becoming a great mean of semiotic communication, that nevertheless contains some footprints of society. Most of the time I work on topics concerning identity, consumerism and cultural differences.

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