Egemen Tuncer


Born in 1989 in Istanbul, Egemen Tuncer completed his undergraduate at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Photography Dept. and completed his master's degree at Painting Dept. with his thesis entitled "Photography in the context of Minimalism from the 60's to the Present". The artist mainly works on computer-based visualizations. In particular he explores the relationship between original structures and their digital/physical models through various representation methods. The physical space experience, which has become complex due to advanced visualization and construction technologies, creates a conceptual basis for the augmented, virtual reality or hyperreal spaces that the artist examines. His works have appeared in many publications such as Fotograf Magazine, CZ; COMO Magazine, PL; Der Greif, DE, Musée Magazine, US and have been exhibited in various spaces including Corridor PS, Amsterdam; BWA Wroclaw; Rotterdam Photo; CAMERA, Cluj-Napoca; Hinterland Galerie, Vienna; 12th Arte Laguna Prize, Venetian Arsenal, Venice; Pilot Gallery, Istanbul; Bilsart, Istanbul; Akbank Sanat, Istanbul; Elgiz Museum, Istanbul; Plato Sanat, Istanbul. Currently, the artist is enrolled in the Proficiency in Art program at Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, Painting Dept.

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