Ekaterina Lukoshkova


My interest in photography comes from a desire to be related to something bigger than myself. I'm trying to understand how architecture, technology, and religion are shaping our ideas of reality try my work. I work in several different photographic media as well as with sound and installation. 2016: “Cosmic Borsht” (RU, SE): Glitchy scanner art about the Internet and food culture. Presented at the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. “My new family” (SWE): Dummy with b/w photos from my first trip with my husbands family. Presented at Photobook GBG, Aveny, Gbg Started on the MFA in Photography at Academy of Valand under prof. Annika von Hausswolff 2017: “Pain game” (SE): Dummy about lost identity and attempt to build a new one. Presented at “Photobook show”, Gothenburg Museum of Art “AS IS” (RU, SE): Zine and Photos about the social trauma and resulting dark humor of post-Soviet Russia. My own work, archival material, and text. Exhib. Galleri format Malmö 2018: “SputnikTV” (RU, SE): My graduation work from MFA at Valand. I'm diving deeper in my experience of immigration and representations of Russia, trying to address pathways from people to power. Exhib. Röda Sten Konsthall, Gbg “Distance to horizon” (HK): Photos and recording from Victoria Harbor, HK. The project is a meditation on China’s recent rise to a global superpower and how that reflects in the individual quirks of the tourists. Presented at Galleri Monitor, Gbg and Center for Photography in Sthlm

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